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G.I. Joe | 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) | Snake Eyes, Arctic Trooper Header
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G.I. Joe | 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) | Snake Eyes, Arctic Trooper

SNAKE EYES is proficient in 12 different unarmed fighting systems (Karate, Kung-Fu, Jujitsu) and is highly skilled in the use of edged weapons. He has received extensive training in mountaineering,…


Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1, #1 (Marvel, '15) GameStop PowerUp Rewards Variant, signed by Greg Horn through GamesStop Header
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Marvel Autographed Comics Added…Including Emma Frost, Star Wars, Totally Awesome Hulk and More

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Batman: Damned #1 (DC, '18), CGC 9.9, Uncensored Batman Nudity Header
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Batman: Damned #1 (DC, ’18), CGC 9.9 Uncensored Batman Nudity

* The first comic book to be published under the DC Black Label imprint for mature readers. * The original printing is the first comic book to show Bruce Wayne fully naked without censorship. However,…

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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #7 (Marvel '84) CGC SS 9.8 Signed by John Beatty, Jim Shooter & Mike Zeck Header
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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #7 (Marvel ’84) CGC SS 9.8, Signed By John Beatty, Jim Shooter & Mike Zeck

*1st Appearance of NEW Spider-Woman II, Julia Carpenter Published:November, 1984 Writer:Jim Shooter Penciler:Mike Zeck Inker:John Beatty Cover Artist:Bob Layton Solicit Synopsis:“Berserker!”…

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Notti & Nyce Vol. 2 #1 (Counterpoint Entertainment, '13) Marat Mychaels Walking Dead #19 Will's Bargains Prismachrome Exclusive Cover, No. 3 of 6 Header
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Autographed Notti & Nyce Issues from Counterpoint Entertainment Added