Danger Girl #3 (Image, 1998), Adam Hughes & J Scott Campbell Signed, CGC SS 9.8

Marvel Comics
August, 1998
  • Writer:
    J. Scott Campbell
  • Penciller:
    J. Scott Campbell
  • Cover Artist:
    Adam Hughes

"Dangerous Curves"

Script by J. Scott Campbell (plot) and Andy Hartnell (script), pencils by J. Scott Campbell, inks by Alex Garner.

Abbey Chase enjoys a steamy bubble bath with The Peach and continues her mission to try and grab the shield; She knocks The Peach out with a champagne bottle and suits up to escape with the shield; As she tries to make her escape, the two guests of The Peach, Cain and Abel, with minions in tow, burst in with guns blazing; Johnny encounters Kid Dynamo and his sidekick Mr. Giggles; Back in England, Eddy Owen is visited by the "collection agency." 

This comic was signed by Adam Hughes and J Scott Campbell on 11/18/18 at Torpedo Comics in Las Vegas. J Scott Campbell was announced after the 2018 signing schedule was set.



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