Comic Book Dry Cleaning & Pressing

Comic book pressing is used when someone wants to reduce or remove certain defects from their books. Removing these defects will almost always increase the grade of the book, which usually translates into an increase in the value of the book. 

It is not uncommon for a book to increase 3 grades from pressing (i.e. go from a 9.2 before being cleaned & pressed to a 9.8 afterward). For example, if an Amazing Spider-Man #129 started at 9.2 & is then pressed into a 9.8, the value will have increased by several thousands of dollars. Even a single scale jump to a 9.4 would equate to an increase in the book's value of over a thousand dollars.



The best thing is, this isn’t exclusive to high-grade books—we've seen where a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 went from a 4.0 to a 5.0 which increased its value substantially. 


 What Can Be Removed with Dry Cleaning & Pressing?

  • Dents
  • Bends
  • Non-color breaking creases
  • Spine rolls
  • Warping
  • Rippling caused by moisture/water damage
  • Bent overhangs
  • Amateur pressing damage
  • Other similar defects.

IMPORTANT: What cannot be removed with Dry Cleaning & Pressing?

  • Color breaking creases, dents & bends
  • Stains
  • Color touch
  • Tears or rips
  • Popped staples
  • Loose pages or covers

Our pressing fees include the utilization of a standard heat press, hand pressing for overhangs, dents, spine rolls, etc. as well as dry cleaning the book which is intended to remove surface dirt and pencil marks. Books will be re-bagged if the original bag is damaged.

Have questions? Check out our Comic Book Dry Cleaning & Pressing F.A.Q.

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