Avengers #257 (Marvel, 1985) 1st Appearance Nebula, CGC 9.0, Buscema Art & Cover

Marvel Comics
July, 1985
  • Writer:
    Roger Stern
  • Penciller:
    John Buscema
  • Cover Artist:
    John Buscema, Tom Palmer

In deep space, Captain Marvel is introduced to Nebula, the merciless mistress of her abductors. Back on Earth, meanwhile, the Avengers follow Terminus into the Savage Land, where they meet Ka-Zar and Zabu, the only survivors of the research group's deadly encounter with the alien. Ka-Zar's wife Shanna is rescued by Starfox, as Terminus, blasting through a plateau, enters the larger jungle region of Pangea and commences to devastate it. The Avengers pursue their quarry, but he easily sweeps their quinjet from the skies, even as the jungle, its artificial environment wrecked, begins to revert to the normal Antarctic climate. When the Black Knight severs the creature's hand with his sword, Terminus is revealed as a robot exoskeleton. Starfox then hurls Hercules at their foe, and the Olympian rips through Terminus's armor, exposing the helpless, hopelessly obese creature within. 


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