Avengers #257 (Marvel, 1985), Nebula 1st Appearance, John Buscema Art, Requiem!!!

Marvel Comics
July, 1985
  • Writer:
    Roger Stern
  • Artist:
    John Buscema
  • Inker:
    Tom Palmer
  • Color:
    Christine Scheele

The Avengers and Ka-Zar battle Terminus, who has laid waste to the Savage Land. Captain Marvel, still trapped in the Andromeda galaxy, meets Nebula, leader of the mercenaries who have hijack Thanos's starship "Sanctuary II". 

Can the Savage Land possibly survive the onslaught of Terminus? Will untold scores of mastodons, tyrannosaurs and pterodons meet final extinction? Heck, will Ka-Zar and Zabu meet final extinction? And what of Ka-Zar's new bride, Shanna the She-Devil? Will the Avengers arrive in time? And even if they do, will they survive? The answers come fast and furious in "Holocaust In A Hidden Land!"

*My original intention when I purchased this book was to send it out to be graded, however, the cover is looser than I would prefer. Aside from the cover, this book is in excellent shape!


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