Infinity War: Thanos Receives a Logan-Style Tribute Video
07 Aug

Infinity War: Thanos Receives a Logan-Style Tribute Video

A new tribute and pseudo-trailer for Avengers: Infinity War in the style of last year’s Logan is making the rounds to coincide with film’s digital release. The video centers on highlights of Thanos from the Avengers film and features the song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, just like one of the trailers for the reputedly final Wolverine solo film starring Hugh Jackman.     This is the second time such a trailer surfaced online; the first one was posted just prior to the release of Infinity War. Something of a trend in its own right, this phenomenon of parodying promotional material for Logan by substituting Thanos was started by the Russo Brothers. The Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War directing...
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