Shatterstar’s New Costume Showcased in Character Sheet
03 Sep

Shatterstar’s New Costume Showcased in Character Sheet

As Shatterstar gears up for his own Marvel limited series, writer Tim Seeley has shared a first look at the fan-favorite mutant’s updated costume, designed by artist Carlos Villa.

The character sheet prominently shows two color schemes, and calls attention to the character’s new poncho and signature twin swords. It also includes a depiction of Shatterstar without his helmet, and a front-and-back look at the new outfit. “I’d be afraid we’re showing too much,” Seeley tweeted. “But we haven’t even revealed the mystery villain yet!”

Debuting in October, Shatterstar is the latest in a string of limited series dedicated to some of Marvel’s most notable mutants, including Rogue & GambitLegionDomino and Multiple Man.

Shatterstar debuted in 1991 in The New Mutants #99, and became a key player in X-Force and X-Factor. He then made his cinematic debut this year in Deadpool 2 alongside fellow mutants Domino, Bedlam, Zeitgeist and Vanisher. This new mainstream exposure likely played a part in Marvel’s decision to give Shatterstar a new series to call his own.

Shatterstar #1, written by Tim Seeley, illustrated by Carlos Villa and Gerardo Sandoval, and featuring a cover by Yasmine Putri, will go on sale Oct. 3.



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