Marvel: Future Fight Sees the Addition of the Infinity Warps
17 Sep

Marvel: Future Fight Sees the Addition of the Infinity Warps




Marvel's Future Fight is getting Infinity Warped, and fans will have plenty of cool mash-up characters to chose from as a result.

The hit mobile title is getting a few new characters from the current Infinity Warps series (which spawns from the currently running Infinity Wars series). The characters are all mashups of fan favorites and honestly, include some fantastic looking designs. As you can see in the trailer, four of these new designs will be entering the game, and they all look like a blast to play (via CBR).

The first one entering the arena is Weapon Hex, which is a warped version of X-23 and Scarlet Witch. X-23's trademark claws are made up of Hex magic, giving her some powerful weapons for melee bouts, but that Hex magic also comes in handy in allowing her to send those claws out at range and blast across the field in an almost teleporting fashion.

Next up is Ghost Panther, a combination of Ghost Rider and Black Panther, with Ghost Rider actually riding a Black Panther set aflame. He can call on his powerful ally to bum-rush opponents but can also team-up with him for combo attacks.

Fans will also be able to play as Iron Hammer, a mix of Iron Man and Thor. Iron Hammer can call upon the magical hammer to blast foes from the sky, though the effects are more like a repulsor ray than straight up lightning. The hammer itself is also more like a sledgehammer, and he can use it for powerful strikes from the sky.

Perhaps the coolest mashup though is Arachknight, a mix of Spider-Man and Moon Knight. The costume is incredibly slick, and Spider-Man agility and webbing teamed with Moon Knight's melee style and gadgets make for quite the combo.

You can check out all the new additions in the video above.

The new update will also feature more costumes for the regular roster, including an Agent Anti-Venom suit for Venom, a Marvel Legacy suit for Quicksilver, and a Monsters Unleashed costume for Medusa. Players can also access the Uniform Collection, which will allow you to earn rewards by upgrading and collecting specific costumes, and will bring new suits for Hawkeye and Loki as well.

A new game mode will also be part of the package, which will be called Heroic Quest, and once players complete Heroic Quest Packs they will unlock even more rewards.



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