Logan Will Face a New Villain in Return of Wolverine
07 Aug

Logan Will Face a New Villain in Return of Wolverine

When writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven reintroduce Logan to the Marvel Universe in the Return of Wolverine, his newly-titled #HotClaws won’t be the only new addition. Soule revealed in an interview with CBR the primary villain for the miniseries will be a new antagonist named Persephone.

When asked if Return of Wolverine will be told through Logan’s perspective, Soule said, “I’d say it’s 93% Logan’s POV, but we get a few others here and there. We cut away to some of the X-Men a bit, and we see some events from the perspective of Persephone, the new antagonist of the story. She’s something else.”

While the only thing we know regarding Wolverine’s next opponent is her name, the knowledge that Return of Wolverinewill introduce a new player to the Marvel Universe will certainly raise some eyebrows. It is quite possible this Persephone had a hand in bringing the former X-Man and Avenger back from the dead.

Wolverine died in Soule and McNiven’s Death of Wolverine in 2014, until he shocked comics fans by returning in last year’s Marvel Legacy #1, while in possession of an Infinity Stone. The Hunt For Wolverine one-shot kicked off the next stage of Wolverine’s comeback, spawning four miniseries that each dealt with a different investigation into the disappearance of Logan’s body.



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